About Us - Our Founder

Mustafa Kemal AKIN
Our Founder / General Manager

Was born in Adiyaman in 1981. Attended elementary and high school in Ankara. Graduated the 3rd in his class from Gazi University's Department of Statistics in the year 2004. Completed his military service in Ankara in 2005. 
Started his career in 2007 in the Turkish Ministry of Health. 
Between the years 2009-2011, he took on the position of section chief in the Turkish Ministry of Health's Department of Statistics on Organ, Tissue Transplant and Dialysis Services. 
Between November 2011 and February 2012 he served as the department manager of Statistics and Analysis Department of the Turkish Ministry of Health's General directorate for Health Care services. He carried out many projects during his tenure at the Ministry and gained a large social circle in the medical sector. 
In February 2012 he left his ministry job. He founded Akin Global Medical in April 2012 and started his career in trade. 
He knows English. 

         Jean Monnet European Union Social Policies Module 2008
         Mapinfo Basic and Intermediate Education Training 2008
         Health Statistics Course and Training (Instructor) 2008
         E-Health the Security of Personal Data and Privacy Workshop

         Gard First National General Assembly
         To apply and produce new software projects for data collecting from Hospitals, Medical Centers and Clinics.
         Health Statistics 2005 Published in December 2007
         Health Statistics 2006 Published in February 2007
         Health Personnel and Analysis 1923-2006 Published in August 2008